The Seven

The 7 Virtues
The Seven Virtues and Principles of Morality

The Thinker by Rodin
These Seven principles of morality
are what all of mankind need to
abide by now more than ever.
Why should one abide by these 7 Virtues ?
Because we all want to be treated fairly !!

The four natural Virtues are from
the ancient world which
date back beyond 400 BC:

The four Cardinal Virtues are in Plato's Republic

1. Prudence
(to discipline oneself with reason,
in speech, dress and behavior)

2. Temperance
(moderation in all things,
including thoughts, or action)

3. Fortitude
(strength in mind to bear misforture,
to have courage)

4. Justice
(treating fairly, conformity to truth,
to uphold what is right)

The three Virtues below
were added by Christians
taken from I Corinthians 13:13 :

5. Faith
(complete trust,
confidence and reliance)

6. Hope
(to cherish a desire with
expectation of fulfillment)

7. Love or Charity
(unselfish loyal and benevolent
concern for the good of others)

7 Virtues .....
The Seven Virtues and Principles of Morality

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