Poetry & Prose
Written by
© Floyd Ernie Cummings
all rights reserved

Echoes of thunder
Ripping through time
Flashing bolts become a bright wonder
And wet musky vapors
Tease the senses
And satisfy my hunger

Soft feelings peal away this hurt
Longing to seal
This affectionate and warm hug

The dark cloud wrapped around
Me cold and wet
I felt the grey creeping toward me
I reached inside feeling for the
A touch and the string began
To resonate with harmony
Then the colors began to appear

I tried
I wanted to will it to happen
Why is it so slippery
To know the path

A thought washed upon the shore
Of my mind as the foam bubbled
Memories from the past
Whispering sweet lips of honeydew
Remembering the warmth of your touch

Swirling thoughts dancing
Through a field of many
Racing swiftly
Blurring a vision of singularity
Walking through silence
Listening for the path to appear
And wash me clean

A liquid vision flowing
Out of the past
Drips into my consciousness
Creating long legged thoughts
Running for fulfillment

The wind swirled around
The singing pines
Bringing forth to the nostrils
The scent of pine
Reaching deep into the mines
Of my mind searching
For a new level of consciousness
Beyond desire and fear
To a level of satisfaction
And a sense of well being
Silence all around
Excepting in my mind
A vision of the colors of the cosmos
Rendering into harmonious rhythms

I drifted with the white clouds and beyond
- reaching clear blue -
then looking down to see
the green expanse below
awaiting my return

Walk or Run
Stumble or Tumble
Slowly to rise
Quick to fall
Hold on - Know when to let go
Feel the release

A ribbon of wind
Carried the fingers of
Rose Petals fragrants around me
The scent echoed inside
I feel the joy vibrating
Deep inside

How can I swallow
When my plate is empty
In a land ot plenty
And yet I do not have any

Long thoughts lost
In an evaporating puff
Of chopped memories

A vision swirled
And uplifted my
Sense of well being
And dwelled in an
Uncommon place

I feel waves of missing you
Flowing across myself
Reaching out seeking
To find your being
Washing across myself with Joy

Soaring rubbery thoughts
Bouncing about needing to
Flow home where comforting
And warm feelings flow freely

Liquid thoughts
Flowing from my mind
Swirling into my heart
Longing for love

Butter yellowed Daffodils
Flare Laced trumpets
Sinuous fragrants teases the senses

Looking up, seeing down
As white clouds
Float slowly
Fading into the blue sky

My thoughts were hibernating
Awaiting the song birds
Fluttering through the spring leaves
Daffodils yearning to trust
Out their yellow trumpets
Awaiting the greening of spring

Dusty Prickly Pear Cactus
Sipping in the desert sun
Longing for rain showers
Ruby cactus blossoms
Guarded by spinney needles
Shun by the Cactus Wren

The storm currents swirled around
yet all agreed and embraced - The One -
Visions of - The One - were seen and described
The storm did not subside
None agreed with the others vision
So then the blood flowed upon the ground
In the name of - The One -

Screaming from the womb I arrived
Tick tock and then my senses ask
Why am I in this universal space
Searching for my niche concerning the cause
And nature and purpose of the universe
Will faith find a path to a supernatural power
And to a creator and governor of the universe
Offering rapture with ecstatic feelings

© We are riding on the razor edge
Bow-Wave of Time,
The past just fell behind us,
The present is only a microsecond and
It just ended,
The future is at hand.

Honeysuckle breath
© by Floyd Ernie Cummings
All rights reserved

My long legged beauty wears a seersucker dress
and has a honeysuckle sweet-smelling breath,

She's my ba-by, she's my ba-by

Honey colored hair, blue eyes and a honeysuckle breath.
Babe I feel your love in my dreams day and night
I dream away, dream away, dream away

Love love love, she's my ba-by, she's my ba-by

Never felt so good in my life … Ooh it's such a feeling
dream away, dream away, dream away

Babe I feel your love day and night in my dreams
I dream away, dream away, dream away

My long legged beauty wears a seersucker dress
and has a honeysuckle sweet-smelling breath

She's my ba-by, she's my ba-by, she's my ba-by

Old Sol pranced across the ecliptic of the sky.
Old Sol let out a sigh,
Where is the celestial equator, he cried.
In the sky!
Come spring Old Sol will be a jewel,
For Old Sol will clip the ecliptic and celestial,
And don't you know, that's natural.

All the above Written by
©Floyd Ernie Cummings
all rights reserved


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