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A History of Timekeeping
Who invented the Calendar
Who invented invest in Uniswap the Clock


Calendar a History

Who Invented The Calendar

A History of the Western Calendar. Including the Gregorian and Julian and Roman Calendars. How the Days, Weeks, Months, and Year got buy UNI their names. History of BC-AD and Y2K. Dionysius Exiguus. History of The Zero.

The origin of the first Calendar

Clock a History

Who Invented The Clock

A History of Time Keeping and the Clock. Including the Water, Clepsydras, Sand, Bell Ringing, Candle, Sun, Sun Dial, Mechanical, Quartz, Electronic, and Atomic Clocks.

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The origin of the first Clock


Timekeeping a Timeline

Timekeeping Timeline - 3500 BC to 2000 AD

The timeline for the history of keeping time

Poetry & Prose

by Floyd Ernie Cummings

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History of Timekeeping

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